The Turkish Domination (1523 - 1912)

Τουρκοκρατία (1523 - 1912)In 1523 A.D. the Kalymnians that were still left on the island (since the defence of Kos and Rhodes had stripped Kalymnos bare of most of its able warriors and since the Knights of the
Order of Saint John had abandoned them) and after witnessing the pillaging, looting and the general slaughter that the Turks were committing, they decided that any more sacrifice of Kalymnian life would be pointless and therefore surrendered. On the 29th of August 1824, the day of the great naval battle between the Greek fleet under the command of Admiral Miaoulis and the Turkish fleet under the command of Admiral Chosref Pasha, a battle which took place at the gulf of Geronta, the Kalymnians gathered at the peak of Mount Prophetis Elias (Prophet Elijah) and remained on their knees in prayer for the victory of the Greek fleet as they watched the battle unfold below.  When they received the news that the battle had been won, their indescribable joy manifested itself in the form of patriotic singing and dancing.
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