ΠόθιαPothia is the capital and the port of Kalymnos. A densely populated area built in the early 1850 and in which you will find restaurants, cafes, pastry shops, restaurants and hotels, also all the municipal services as police, mail, coastguard etc. Southwest of Pothia at a small distance is Therma an area with hot springs that have therapeutic effects. In Pothia one may find a variety of traditional houses with highly neoclassical features. Most of these houses are located in the areas of Ipapanti, Evaggelistria, Saint Theologos and Patithries. Works of great Kalymnian painters such as Magklis, George Ikonomou, Sakellari, Michael Alachouzou, Nichola Mangos, Timotheo Kourouni, Emmanuel Chouli, Theofilos Billiri, and Sakelariou Pizania and of many others decorate the churches of Pothia and Kalymnos in general. The most popular churches of Pothia are Metamorphosis of Sotiros with its marble temple and Agios Nikolaos (Saint Nikolas) also with its marble temple made in Smyrna. In the Archailogical Museum of Kalymnos located in the town there is a large number of ancient bronze and marble sculptures, tools, pottery, weapons and coins that reveal Kalimnos course over prehistoric years to Byzantine times. Visitors can get to know the island’s naval tradition, history and sponge diving methods simply by visiting the Municipal Navy Museum. There are many objects from old shipwrecks on display. Anyone wishing to meet the island’s urban architecture may want to visit the mansion house of Vouvali’s family which operates as a museum. Another attraction of Kalimnos is Saint Savas which dominates the west side of the harbour and offers magnificent views.
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