Stew Octopus

Stew OctopusIngredients:
1 octopus ( about 1 kilo )
1 1/2 kilo of small onions
1 big onion (grated)
2 bay leafs, 3-4 clove-gillyflowers
1 glass of wine, 1 glass of vinegar
3-4 cloves of garlic
3-4 spooncups of tomato paste, salt, pepper, cinnamon, olive oil
We wash the octopus well, we put it in a casserole with water that cover it and we boil it. In another casserole we sauté in the olive oil the onion and the garlic and than we add the little onions. After that we add the tomato paste, the bay-leafs, the cloves, the vinegar and the wine. Instead of water we add the broth of octopus we low down the heat, and we let it boil and we put the salt-pepper and cinnamon. Meanwhile we cut the octopus to pieces and when the food is almost ready we add it in the casserole. Stir it gently and after five minutes close to the cook-stove. Total hours of cooking: one-one & a half hour (depending on the octopus and the onions).
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