Mythology of Kalymnos

According to myth, Uranus and Gaia had many children; the Giants, the Titans (which ruled the earth before they were deposed by Zeus and his brothers), the Cyclops (which had one eye) and the Ekatocheires (which had a hundred hands).  Uranus was aware that legend said that one of his sons would eventually depose him and he decided to throw them all into Tartarus, the centre of the earth. Kalyndos, one of his sons, fell on a piece of land which emerged back to the surface and formed a large island surrounded by smaller islets, fragments of the piece of land that Kalyndos landed on.  The island was aptly named the island of Kalyndos.  Today  the islets surround the island of Kalymnos.  When one looks down on Kalymnos from above, one can see two large mountains and two small valleys which are said to resemble the legs of Kalyndos. Kalyndos was, according to myth, originally the god of Hades but later became the god of the sea although nothing to suggest that he was worshiped has ever been discovered.  The first inhabitants of Kalymnos were the Kares, Leleges and the Pelasgui.
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