ChoraChora is located 3 km northwest of Pothia and for many centuries was the capital of the island. Today Chora or Chorio is an extension of Pothia. It is built in a valley away from the sea due to pirate attacks. It is a place where they still keep traditions alive. The main attractions of the island are located here. On the hilltop of a steep rock side you can see Pera Castle (Away Castle) or Castle of Chrisocherias or Castle of Chora which was built in the years of Byzantium by the Knights of the Order of St. John. Another attraction includes the monasteries dispersed in the Castle and offer panoramic views. The first metropolis of Kalymnos, the church of Panagia Kecharitomeni is also located here, with its famous temple made of gold. In the ruins of the ancient temple of Diliou Apollo, the church of Christ of Jerusalem was built which in ancient times was the protector of the island. Next to the Church of Christ of Jerusalem is the small monastery of Agia Sophia (Saint Sophia). The church of the Prophet Elias dominates the highest peak of Kalymnos (670 meters).
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