Filla of Kalymnos

Filla of KalymnosIngredients:
Vine leafs
1 kilo minced meat ( mixed veal with pork meat )
1 cup Caroline rice
1-2 soupspoon tomato paste
2-3 big onions, grated
Thin slices of  tomato
Salt, pepper
We knead the mince with the rise, the tomato paste, the onions, the salt and pepper very well. Than we take the vine leafs one by one and we put in the middle one spoon of our filling. We turn the ends of the vine leafs inwards and we wrap so their shape is like a pentagon (Kalymnian way of wrapping – not that if we wrap it otherwise they wont get cooked). We put the filla (the wrapped vine leafs) the one attached to the other so they wont open and we make a layer at the bottom of the casserole. Than at the top of them we put a layer of thin slices of tomatoes, second layer of filla, slices tomato…. Until our vine leafs are finished. We add the olive oil the water, we cover the filla with a plate (so they wont open) and we cook them in low heat for about 45 minutes. With this materials we have about 100 vine leafs (depending on the size and the vine leafs).
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