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kalymnos-islandKALYMNOS LOCATION
This island is located between Kos and Leros in the southeastern Aegean Sea and belongs to the Dodecanese prefecture. The area is 111.14 square kilometers and is the fourth largest island of the Dodecanese. The name of the island used to be Kalynda then changed to Kalymna and finally Kalymnos. Also known as the island of the Sponge Divers due to its residents’ sponge fishery avocation. The capital of Kalymnos is Pothia where most of the inhabitants live. Chora is the second largest residential area and the former capital of the island.

Kalymnos is linked by plane from Athens, either by direct flight or by the neighboring Kos island and from there by ferry boat from the nearby port of 'Mastichari'. Also, you can reach by ship to Piraeus and the islands of Rhodes, Nisyros, Leros, Pserimos , Telendos and of course Imia.

There are several hotels and apartments. In Pothia you can find a hotel all year. In the summer there are infrastructures in other parts of Kalymnos, as in Massouri and Emporio. You can book now your hotel.

Kalymnos has many ways of transportation and specifically local transportation. You can use bus and taxis, but if you need to have a much more comfortable journey and feel secure, you alternatively can rent a car.

Despite the fact that Kalymnos is small island, it offers a variety of interests and activities and is worth a visit for many reasons.

Kalymnos has many archaeological sites and monuments. The most famous and probably the one that attracts tourists is the monastery of Agios Savas, that is located on a hill above Pothia. Apart from the attractions, the island offers many options in the field of accommodation, food, cafes, sports, excursions, nightlife.

What characterizes the island are the sponges, that's why is called the island of sponge divers. The occupation of Kalymnos with the sponge fishing was the main factor of acne and brought great prosperity and economic development. Even today there are still sponge divers who go underwater to collect the sponges in their own traditional method. Traditions are still maintained and celebrated on this beautiful island, reminiscing the sponge-fishing boat departures, the moments of separation and then the celebration of their successful return. Do not miss to visit the sponge processing laboratories and also the exhibits of the Archaeological-Ethnographic Museum.

Besides sponges, the island is famous for climbing. It features impressive quality rocks for climbing, for this reason attracts many visitors and organize many routes. In Kalymnos you can enjoy unforgettable moments of hiking or climbing.

Now tourism has become a second resource of economic growth for all residents, who every summer see their island full of visitors mainly those who appreciate the island’s tranquility and lovely beaches, away from the busy Mykonos and Santorini. It is considered a great place for underwater explorations, while even higher in numbers are the visitors from daily, organized excursions of nearby islands. Boats from Kos make frequent routes, as well as from Pserimos and Telendos. Finally daytrips organized to Alikarnassos directly from Kalymnos or you can combine it via Kos.

For more information about Kalymnos refer to the pages of kalymnosinfo.com. You can find information about the villages of Kalymnos, the history and the mythology about sights, tours and activities that are offered. Through the page, visitors can book their holidays without wasting time: ferry-flights and rental of transport services.

The visitor can also refer to the Business Catalogue to find professionals or services of Kalymnos, or find the most useful phones at the information center.

Kalymnosinfo.com will never stop be informed and it will always add every information, that is useful for visitors, but also for the resident of Kalymnos. The beautiful landscapes, the specificity of the activities offered and the hospitality, guarantee a quality stay in the 'Island of Sponge Divers'.

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