Process of Sponges

epeksergasiaThe sponges’ elaboration begins immediately after it’s out of sea water as the animal dies extremely fast and due to decomposition the sponge is destroyed.
By stepping on it and washing with sea water the body is removed. Also any marine debris (sand, stones, some little animals, cancroids and ostracods that live on the sponges) are also removed. Then sponges are left out in the sun to die and the procedure is once again repeated. Next the sponges need to be stringed and thrown in the sea at night and the waves rinse away the membrane remains. Continuing the sponges are squeezed to drain the water and parched. Finally they are packed in bags and stored on the boat. It is necessary to wet and dry them again because humidity can cause a rusty colour. This leads to lower quality sponges and subsequently some are useless. Sometimes on board a preliminary trimming takes place in order to classify them to achieve higher sale prices. When the boats return all the sponges are displayed for the dealers to see. The sponges are bought and sold as a whole.
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