Settlement Hellinica

Kalymnos - Settlement HellinicaIn the Paleo-Christian Era (4th - early 7th century AD), Vathis flourished more than ever. It was the largest settlement surrounding the port of Rina in the southern part, named Hellenica.
Churches, houses and arched graves have been kept in remarkable condition in some cases up to roof height. In Vathi there are ruins of thirteen Paleo-Christian Churches. These are: Agia Sophia (Saint Sophia), Anastasi (Resurrection), Agios Georgios (Saint George), Agia Irini (Saint Irene), Vasiliki Ikopedou Chalkiti, Unknown Church, Paleopanagia, Holly Cross, Taxiarchis, Pano Panagia, Agios Antonios (Saint Antonio) and Agia Anna (Saint Anna).

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