Kalymnos Island Villages

From ancient times, the Municipalities of Kalymnos were the island’s social life centre that had their own nobilities. In Kalymnos the sponge divers still dive in their own traditional way into the deep Aegean waters to bring the “fruit of the sea” up to the surface. Traditions still play a strong role on this beautiful island of the Dodecanese complex. Tourism has now become another form of income for the Kalimnians as tourists flock to their island every summer to enjoy the serenity and beauty Kalymnos has to offer. Take a little time to wander around the hospitable town. Following the beach road you can visit the Church Of Christ (or Saviour). The notable iconostasis is a work of the well known sculptor from Tinos, Giannouli Chalepa with icons and wall paintings made by local artists. The beautiful buildings and green background complete the island’s image. At the dock the small touristic shops filled with sponges highlight Kalymnos character. The processing sponge work shops are worth visiting. If you have time to spare then the Archaeological – Folklore Museum is also worth visiting. Close to Pothia town lies the Castle of “Chrysoherias” built by the Knights of Rhodes on ancient byzantine ruins, in the centre of which you will find the Church of “Chrysoherias”.The “Chorio” (Village) is the island’s older capital. Traces of the Knights can also be found here reinforcing the old byzantine Pera Castle (Away Castle).