Filled Squids

Filled SquidsIngredients:
4 squids (about 400kg each)
1 / 2 kilogram rice Carolina
1 cup of tea parsley, chopped
2 big onions, grated
salt, pepper, cinnamon
2-3 soupspoon of tomato paste
olive-oil (3-4 cups of tea)
We clean the Squids, we separate the tentacles from the body, and we take of the eyes, the mouth act and chop fine the mustaches (tentacles). In a casserole we sauté in oil the onions gently, the chopped tentacles, the parsley and we add 2. cups of water, salt, pepper, cinnamon. We let it boil for about half an hour. We add a little water if it is necessary and after it takes a boil we add the rise and we stir it so it want stuck at the bottom. We turn of the stove and we leave the rise to swell. In another casserole we fill the calamari but not full, we leave about a finger empty and we stitch it or we put a toothpick so the rise won’t come out. We add a little water (just enough to cover them) and one soup spoon of tomato paste, little salt and we leave them to boil for about three quarters to an hour. We put the calamari in a platter. After we remove the line (or the toothpick), I prefer to cut them in washers and I can feel my platter this way.
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